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Health Visitors Training Event

In addition to providing support to bereaved parents, volunteers from Bristol Sands take part in Bereavement training events. At these events medical professionals (doctors, midwives, health visitors etc) take part in a half day training session to help them be better prepared to support parents who have suffered the loss of a baby, before, during or shortly after birth. Bristol Sands believes these training events to be vitally important as good bereavement care in the first few days and weeks after a loss can be crucial.

On 8th May two of Bristol Sands committee members and volunteers took part in a training event at Southmead Hospital. Peter Byrom was there to talk about the support that Bristol Sands as a group can offer to bereaved parents and the events which are available. Hilary Sturgeon shared the story of loss of their first son Oscar at 27 and the subsequent impact felt by both herself and her husband.

Judging by the feedback that Hilary and Peter received on the morning, the event was very successful and worthwhile.

Bristol Sands contributes to these very important training sessions from our core costs.  Anyone wishing to donate towards these costs can do so via our 'Just Giving' page which can be found at - We are so grateful to all donations received.8th May