Bristol Sands

Change of Fundraising Platform

Did you know that you can fundraise online for your Bristol Sands group with all of the fundraised income going straight to Bristol Sands rather than having to be redistributed, as is what happens when using platforms such as Justgiving or Virgin Money Giving?

If you are thinking of holding a fundraiser or taking part in an event (be it a walk, quiz, run or bake sale) why not use Enthuse so that all of your fundraising comes directly to Bristol Sands?

It’s so easy to do. Head to Sands Bristol: Sands Bristol ( where you can create your own profile and Fundraise For Us. If there are a group of you taking part in an event you can even Create a Team.

Once you have personalised your page with your story and any pictures simply send all your friends, family and colleagues the link for your page in the knowledge that you are directly helping support more local bereaved families.