Bristol Sands

Bristol Sands Spring Service 2021

This Sunday (25th April) as previously mentioned we will be holding our Spring Service online. We invite you to join us at this service on the Zoom platform -

Meeting ID: 984 7852 7446

We would ask that you log on a few minutes before the service starts where you'll be held in a Zoom waiting room.

We won’t start the service until we have admitted everyone to the event. 

In advance we just wanted to make everyone aware of the following - 

- The event is being recorded so please don’t feel you have to have your camera on and you can even anonymise your name on screen. 

- The host of the meeting (a committee member) will mute everyone so that the readings, roll call and music can be heard clearly. 

- During the roll call we would invite anyone who feels comfortable to hold up a picture of their baby or babies or light a candle for the duration of roll call. 

Please find attached an order of service for you to keep and follow.

We look forward to welcoming as many of you as possible on Sunday afternoon.