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Wave of Light

Baby Loss Awareness Week - Support & Wave of Light

Today is the last day of Baby Loss Awareness Week 2019. Today we aren't sharing a story of baby loss with you. We realise that this week can be tough week for bereaved families, so instead of a story we want to remind you that Sands and Bristol Sands is there to support everyone affected by the loss of a baby before, during or shortly after birth.

For information on the support that Sands offers nationally (including a helpline number) please follow this link - 

Here is Bristol we offer support in the following ways - 

Monthly support meetings - we hold 2 each month. On the first Tuesday of each month is our 'Pregnant Again' support meeting. This meeting is for anyone who has lost a baby but is pregnant again. We know that it can be a particularly nervous time so we are there to offer support. We are lucky that every other month our pregnant again support meeting is led by a midwife. The next midwife led meeting will be in November. The meeting is held at Bedminster library from eight o'clock. 

The 2nd support meeting we hold is our 'Bereavement Support Meeting'. This is held on the first Thursday of every month and is an opportunity for anyone to come along and talk about the loss of a baby and seek support from one of our trained befriends and to speak to other parents on the same journey. These meetings are also at Bedminster library from eight o'clock.

Not everyone can make those meeting dates and you may find that you are looking for support outside of those times. Bristol Sands has a dedicated mobile support number (07970 930513) the is manned by one of Bristol Sands trained befrienders. 

We also have a football team 'Sands United Bristol FC'. A team made up of (mainly) dads who've all suffered the loss of a baby. It is a unique way for them to come together and support each other. The team train once a month and are setting up games as we speak. If you'd like to find out more about them please look for them on facebook, Instagram and twitter or contact by email at

Tonight we will be showing support for all bereaved parents around the world by creating a 'Wave of Light' from 1900-2000. In this hour we invite everyone to light a candle in memory of their baby and post pictures on our social media pages using the hashtags #BLAW2019 #waveoflight #bristolsands