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Baby Loss Awareness Week - An Aunties story

It's the penultimate day of Baby Loss Awareness week and our last story of loss from different perspectives.

Today Charlotte shares her experience of the loss of her niece Violet - 

After hearing the news of the death of my niece Violet through my mum, I phoned my sister in utter disbelief, I couldn't believe that something like this could happen so late on in pregnancy, everything had been going well as far as we knew. 

My mum and I visited my sister Danielle and brother in law the next day after Violets birth whilst they were still in Southmead hospital. It was the hardest, most difficult moment knowing nothing you can say can help them through the worst time of their lives. I was sure that I wasn't going to be able to see Violet and be able to stay strong for my sister. But I am so pleased that I did get to meet her and see how perfect and beautiful she was. I believe I would have regretted not taking the opportunity to see her.

I spoke to a good friend of mine who works in an antenatal clinic before I saw my sister who told me that is this unfortunately more common than people think, which is unbelievable.'

Thank you to Charlotte for sharing her memories.

Tomorrow is the last day of Baby Loss Awareness Week so we won't be featuring a story. Instead there will be information on the support that Sands as a national organisation offers and the support that is available locally in Bristol. Tomorrow evening at 1900 we invite all parents and family members to light candles in memory of their babies and share on social media with the hashtag #BLAW2019 and #waveoflight.