Bristol Sands

Bristol Sands - Spring Service 2021

We had hoped that the Spring Service would be the first face to face event we could hold since the pandemic started. Unfortunately that won’t be the case. 

However we do have plans for the Spring Service that we’d like to share with you now. Our services have been pre-recorded and a link posted for everyone to view. This time we are going to have the service LIVE using the Zoom platform. 

On Sunday 25th April at 2pm we invite you all to join us online. There will be music and a roll call of babies names along with readings. We are looking for 3-4 people who’d like to volunteer to do a reading at the live service (there will be a rehearsal before!!). If you’d like to volunteer please drop an email with your contact details to    

If you would like to hear your baby’s (or babies) name read out at our service please submit the name(s) and dates of birth via email only to with ‘Spring Service Roll Call’ in the subject line no later than 5pm on 16th April. 

For those who won’t get the opportunity to watch the service live (we will post the Zoom link in advance) we will be recording the service and will post the link shortly after. 

Usually at our services during roll call we offer flowers or decorations for everyone to personalise with a message for their baby. At the spring service we want to invite everyone to perhaps light a candle at this time or if you are comfortable, hold up a picture of your baby as their name is called out. 

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.